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17016 N. Main St., Bridgeville, DE 19933

302-337-8445    FAX 302-258-0809


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Bridgeville Machining is a precision machine shop located in Historic Bridgeville, Delaware USA. Home of Punkin' Chunkin' and the annual Apple Scrapple Festival. 

We provide machining services to industry. From single parts to small lot production, we will make your parts with quality and precision. 

We have CNC and conventional machinery to produce your parts.

Our machinists have the knowledge and American know how to get it done.         

Let us help you on your project by machining your quality parts in a timely manner.

Contact us for a quote today!

Email: Bridgeville Machining

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Bridgeville Machining       17016 N. Main St., Bridgeville, DE 19933       302-337-8445